Minimize Your Investment Property Risk Exposure: Investment properties require varying degress of sophistication to own and operate. From commerical office buildings and warehouses to multi-family and single-family residential properties, a well-written insurance policy from a top-rated carrier helps investment properties remain assets rather than turning into a liability.

commercialpropertyinsurance-7017Diaz Insurance Group experienced insurance professional can help investors analyze risks and obtain adequate coverage to manage and shift certain risks for reasonable fees.

Investors need to have a solid understanding of the value of a property. Replacement costs, either total or partial replacement, as well as an annual inflation adjustment, need to be considered when evaluating investment property insurance policies.

Insurance for investment properties, either commercial or residential investments, are typically higher than owner occupied, single family properties. In addition to property insurance for commercial or residential investment properties, property owners might consider the purchase of liability insurance, which can be expensive, but well worth it when considering the risks associated with operating investment properties.

Remove the Insurance Coverage Guesswork: Insurance policies are couched in industry jargon and exclusionary language, leaving many property investors guessing at whether they are covered in the event of a catastrophe, or worse, leaving them responsible for the costs when a catastrophe is actually a policy exclusion. Take the guess work out of your investment property Insurance policies and let a knowledgeable Proven insurance professional evaluate your policy, answer any questions and save you some money. Contact Diaz Insurance Group today for an evaluation of a policy or to review the current coverage on your investment properties.